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Modern Batik Art Workshop: Beginners Tutorial Class

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Modern batik art is a revolutionary art technique for producing detailed designs on fabric. This art form has elevated a basic craft to fine art status. While still using the traditional wax and dye method, it incorporates several new techniques that provide extraordinary flexibility to any artist’s work.

Who should take this course?

Professional artists, art students, textile artists, weavers, quilters, and even novices can learn to create in this multi-medium by applying dyes and wax on fabric.

Modern Batik Art enhances the creative process in the following disciplines;

Fashion Design:
Designers of fabric, wall hangings, fashion or home accessories will benefit from the Modern Batik Art technique.

Quilters appreciate how these techniques offer them a fresh approach to their creative process.

Fine Artists:
A special technique that will add to your portfolio.

Recreational Workshops:
A very therapeutic workshop that has been proved to be a great stress reliever.



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