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The Modern Batik art technique is fun and easy to experiment with and allows the artist inner discovery, personal creativity, and self-expression.

Traditional Batik is an art form originating from Indonesia that applies wax-resistant dye patterns to fabric. The traditional technique involves applying melted wax onto cloth before dipping it in dye. The wax holds to the fabric and the dye penetrates the unwaxed areas. For multiple colors, the process is repeated.

Modern Batik technique is a revolutionary repackaged application that enhances the detail of an image on fabric using water-soluble, wax resistant dyes, often resulting in amazing, unpredictable textures and tone.

While modern Batik has strong ties to traditional Batik, designs are mostly influenced by creativity of individual artists. This simply means that with creativity, perseverance and the development of the craft, the individual artist or designer can harness the unique value that this medium offers for unlimited levels of self-expression.

Modern Batik can be as complicated or as simple as the artist desires, realistic and pictorial or purely expressive. The main goal when working with Modern Batik art is to enjoy the medium and allow the versatility of wax and dyes to reveal itself gradually on fabric.

Your Instructor
David Kibuuka, a professional artist with over 40 years of experience.
Renowned artist David Lumu Kibuuka is a cultural ambassador and philanthropist. His vision is to bring cultures closer through sustainable artwork by empowering youth in ways that reach beyond the obvious acquisition of sustainable art skills through mastering techniques of modern batik designs and patterns.
Born in Uganda, David developed a love of art at a very early age. He attended the Ontario College of Art (OCA), currently Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). A master at fusing avant-garde art with traditional African artistry, Kibuuka pioneered the fragmentation technique. This technique uses mosaics of color and form to create designs and patterns which can be imprinted on or processed into fabrics as sustainable, marketable products for improvement of the economic and social wellbeing of youth in disparate communities worldwide. Kibuuka conducts workshops worldwide sharing his passion for art with disadvantaged youth and has donated artwork to raise funds for UNICEF, World Vision Canada for HIV/AIDS Initiative Africa, Rotary Club for clean water, and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).
Who can benefit from Modern Batik Workshops?
The Modern Batik workshops are designed for anyone with interest in learning about batik artwork. Novice and professional artists, art students, textile designers, weavers, quilters can learn to create batik artwork in this multi-medium by applying dyes and wax on fabric.
Modern Batik Art products include
+ Designer dresses, caps and hats
+ Scarves and head-wraps
+ Cushions and Curtains
+ Cloth borders and binding
+ Hats and caps
+ Lampshades
+ Quilts
+ T-shirts
+ Table mats

Why Enroll in
Our Classes?

Easy steps to follow

Our courses are composed of short clear and concise video lessons that are easy to understand. 

Versatile Applications

The Modern Batik Art Technique can be applied across a wide variety of industries.

Suitable for all levels

Our courses are easy for beginners to learn and help professionals to enhance their skill set.

Ready To Learn The Modern Batik Art Technique?

Our courses are designed with students of all skill levels in mind. This makes it easy for beginners to learn and for professionals to enhance their skill set.