Hello David:

I wanted to express my appreciation for the time that you have taken with me over the past few months to pour into my development as an artist, for the encouragement, and for the advice you offered me as a professional in the art industry. I have utilized the contacts you gave me to get some photography done on my batik pieces, and am in process of having some gicleés printed for some upcoming art events.

I am looking forward to spending the summer months really delving into this medium and making a go of integrating it into my artistic vocabulary, and as you have said so many times, "seeing what advancements I might make with this wonderful medium.”

Having spent the past few months with you discovering the Modern Batik Technique, I know that this will be the medium that will push me forward into places that I have desired to go. The fact that I have now completed the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master’s level workshops; I feel confident with your endorsement that I can also go forward and teach these concepts to others, offering fresh new expression into the art world. I am excited for the breakthroughs that both you and your brother Henry Lumu made with this medium, taking it to new places, and really giving a forum for it in the art world in North America, and abroad.

David, you are so full of energy and encouragement, you give a lot of freedom in the way you teach adults, youth and children. You connect in an awesome way with people, and challenge them to produce well done pieces that they can be proud of without structuring things so much that they lose their own expression. I am pleased to say that not only have I gained a mentor, and I do look forward to coming back and doing a few more master’s classe3s with you, but I also feel that I have gained a friend. That is in my books, the best compliment of all.

May God bless the work of your hands as you go forward, sharing your passion with others, and calling up the next generation to follow in your footsteps and make exciting new breakthroughs in their own creativity.


Sheri Gundry

"The Modern Batik Art Workshops that David teaches are amazing. Before I met David, I didn't know anything about Batik, and he showed me a new world. A wonderful world of modern Batik. He taught us a lot about traditional batik, and his own spin on it to make modern Batik. A combination of waxing, dying, and inking; modern batik is such a unique process. I feel honoured to have learned this technique.

David, himself is so talented, and he's just a natural teacher. I learned a lot in the few weeks that we had together, and completed a lot of wonderful pieces to add to my limited portfolio, under the watchful eye of David. I always look forward to seeing David. He's such a fun, friendly guy, and I really hope to attend his workshops in the future. He is my mentor, and I appreciate everything that he's done for me."


"Over the last few months I have been attending the train-trainer program. The experience that I had was great. I feel extremely privileged to have been able to be apart of it all, especially because through this program I have learned skills that will help me to pursuit my dreams. Everything that David has taught us has helped me in becoming a better artist. Also, I feel that it was very good for me to learn the art of modern batik because it will present opportunities such as having work exhibited and being able to have our work produced into a calendar. In addition to the art skills that I have learned from this program, I have met some amazing people as well. All in all, this program has been a great experience for me and I would really like to do it again."


"My experience with the Modern Batik art has been wonderful. From the first day to the last, it was so much fun & has been a wonderful experience. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but after I saw my finished piece, I was so amazed. Looking at that first piece now, surprises me on how I have improved. I loved learning all the new techniques and would continue doing it."


"Being in the Batik program has been a very fun and interesting experience.It allowed me to learn fascinating new things and met new people as well. This program enabled me to work and do something that i love at the same time. The modern batik technique was one of the most fascinating forms of art that i have ever learned. I hope that in the future I am able to improve the technique and make better use of the things that I have learned in this program."


"To me the modern batik work shops is a wonderful and unique experience filled with more opportunities in the short space of the program than some artist see in their whole professional careers. It is a cultural experience that helps make you more aware of the different cultural backgrounds all around you. As you, open your mind to a range of new materials and ideas. You feel as sense of accomplishment and when you look back and see the improvement form your first and last piece. It’s a great program with an amazing potential for success and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try something a bit new."


"David Kibuuka's modern batik workshop was incredibly fun! We learned a new, creative medium to paint in, and we had fun doing the workshop too. The technique took a while to do, but it was worth the wait to see the final product of our work. After the workshop, everyone was amazed at how good they looked, and they couldn’t seem to figure out what the new medium being used was. I really enjoyed doing the beginner workshop and hope to someday finish all the other levels of this new art form."

Taylor Age 12, May 2007

"Over the March break I did David Kibuuka’s introductory class to batiking. Before I did this class I had no idea what batiking was or how to do it. Throughout the course I learned a new technique which I really enjoyed. The class was exciting and fun because I was constantly learning something new. I found that batiking was a fun way to do art that kept people guessing on what medium I used. Since doing my first piece from the course I have done two others and I really enjoy seeing the finished product of a batik piece."

Alyssa Age 13, May 2007